Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Energy Efficiency Measures

Energy Efficiency Measures:

  • LED as base lighting in metro systems.
  • Providing energy savvy Glow Signages.
  • Harvesting day natural light.
  • Use of Solar Plant at elevated stations and depot.
  • Smart lighting system at stations i.e. public occupation sensor based lighting, use of dimmer during non peak periods.
  • Video monitoring of passenger density for lighting control.
  • Controlled air conditioning of platform based on public occupation.
  • Use of high efficiency chiller plant.
  • Building management system.
  • Use of state of art VVVF elevators, escalator and travellator with concept of regenerative drives.
  • Use of 2 stage compressor & automatic tube cleaning in HVAC system.
  • Using Chiller plant management system to optimize efficiency.
Technology in Rolling Stock

Green technology in Rolling Stock

  • Improved Regenerative braking for carbon neutrality.
  • LED based smart lighting & smart AC in coaches.
  • Light weight bogies.
  • Permanent magnet motors.
  • Heat exchanger in HVAC in coaches.