MMRC Green Policy

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. is committed to provide Clean, Green & Comfortable transport in Mumbai with aim to be the Environmental friendly & one of the Lowest Energy consumers in transport sector.


Environmental Policy

MMRC recognizes the utmost importance of protecting the Environment. Accordingly, in pursuance of its activities, the organization will ensure that such procedures and control measures are put in place that safeguard the environment, whether required by the statute or otherwise.

Organization will strive to:

  • Supplement to existing green cover along the corridor
  • Build up ‘Green transport’ in city through efficient use of resources, reduction emissions and waste.
  • Raise environmental awareness among Stakeholders, provide training and integrate environmental protection procedures in its project execution & also subsequent stages.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations; and other environmental initiatives to which we subscribe.
  • Encourage initiatives in environmental activities by our staff, thereby promising a strong environmentally aware culture.
  • Ensure this policy is actively followed by our contractors and sub-contractors.

MMRC will continually improve its environmental performance and conduct its activities in an environmentally responsible manner clearly reflecting a commitment to fostering sustainable development.

Environmental Policy

Energy Management Policy

MUMBAI METRO RAIL CORPORATION LTD. assigns paramount importance to conserving precious Energy resources in the country and is fully committed to proactively establishing and promoting sustained use of Green energy resources in project.

Accordingly, in pursuance of its activities, organization will endeavor to optimize Energy consumption in project by:

  • Bench marking Mumbai Metro performance against world’s best Metros.
  • Nurturing energy efficient technologies from the design stage for optimum benefits.
  • Promoting energy efficient practices during operation stage for recurring benefits.
  • Strive to reduce energy consumption by suitable planning during project execution stage as under:
    • Nurturing Energy efficient technologies at design stage for optimum benefits.
    • Designing Green Metro Stations by using LED like energy efficient smart lighting, Optimized air-conditioning/ECS system, platform screen door, smart Signages, Occupancy sensors etc.
    • Optimizing station design to reduce building energy consumption.
    • Introducing dimmer technology matching with passenger occupancy to dim/cut off redundant lighting.
    • Harvesting Natural light in optimal manner to supplement station/depot lighting.
    • Procuring Energy efficient Rolling stock and assured Regenerative energy braking.
    • Providing smart elevators/escalators at stations.
    • Promoting use of Solar energy, water harvesting & smart lighting in Depots/substations etc.
    • Rationalizing headway as per commuter requirement.
    • Resorting to coasting during train operation and reducing dwell time at stations. Running in ‘Energy saving mode’ during off peak time.
    • Identifying areas for improvement, through periodical audit of existing installation.
    • Optimizing ‘Air conditioning load inside coaches’ as per passenger requirement.
    • Continuously sensitizing staff about Energy conservation.
    • Seek a long term sustainable solution to meet its energy needs and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.
    • Increase the share of renewable energy in its overall power consumption, in-house, by generating solar power for non-traction/Car depot purposes.

Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Ltd is committed in its goal of Environment Protection & Energy Conservation.

Energy Management Policy