Package - 7

Sr. No Nature of Work Status
1 Tunneling & Segment Production Progress 


Drive-1 (From Pali ground to CSIA-T2) (UpLine) -

Completed 1262rmt, Made Breakthrough on 24/09/2018.

Drive-2 (From Pali Ground to SEEPZ) (UpLine) -

689rmt completed out of 1689rmt.

Made Breakthrough at MIDC station on 14/03/2019


Drive-1 (From Sariputnagar Ramp to SEEPZ) (DownLine)-

568rmt out of 568rmt completed.

Made breakthrough on 26/12/2018

Drive-2 (From Pali Ground to SEEPZ) (DownLine)-

706rmt completed out of 1675rmt.


Drive-1 (From Pali Ground to CSIA-T2) (DownLine)-

1313rmt out of 1313rmt completed.

Made breakthrough on 13/02/2019

Drive-2 (From Sariputnagar Ramp to SEEPZ) (UpLine)-

572rmt completed out of 572rmt.

Made breakthrough on 13/08/2019

Segment Production PRogress:

92% of total completed.

2 Excavation 

Marol Naka: 100% completed

MIDC: 100% completed

SEEPZ: 91% completed

3 Base Slab Progress 

Marol Naka: 100%  Completed 

MIDC: 100% Completed

SEEPZ: 87rmt completed out of 240rmt.

 Concourse Slab

Marol Naka: 35rmt completed out of 240rmt.

MIDC: 102rmt completed out of 240rmt

SEEPZ: 20rmt completed out of 240rmt

Roof Slab

Marol Naka: Not started.

MIDC: 42rmt completed out of 240rmt.

SEEPZ: Not started.

Mezzanine slab

Marol Naka: 106rmt completed out of 190rmt.

4 Secant Piling Progress 

Marol Naka: 100% completed

MIDC: 100% completed

SEEPZ: 100% completed

5 Rehabilitation & Resettlement 


6 Building condition Survey

407 nos. out of 408 nos. completed

7 Tree Cutting/transplantation

Marol: Tree Cutting: 7/9, Tree Transplantation: 42/50

MIDC: Tree Cutting: 9/11, Tree Transplantation: 90/130

SEEPZ: Tree Cutting: 9/12, Tree Transplantation: 84/115


8 Traffic Diversion

Marol Naka: 100% Completed

MIDC: 100% Completed.

SEEPZ: 100% Completed.

9 Geo-technical investigation

100% Completed

10 Barricading

All the acquired area 100% barricaded.

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