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Weekly progress report for package-1

Updated as on: 20th Sep 2020

Sr. NoNature of WorkStatus
1Tunneling Progress & Segment Production Progress

Ring Building

TBM 1: Total completed: 2,183.3 Scope: 2,910 (2 Breakthrough Over)

TBM 2: Total completed: 2,238 Scope: 2,918 (3 Breakthrough Over)

NATM Tunnels (Heading)

Upline: Scope:197.43m Completed

Downline: Scope: 199.10m Completed

SHC NATM PF: Total Completed: 147.6m Scope: 259.00m 

NATM Tunnel (Benching)

Upline: Scope: 197.43m Completed

Downline: Scope: 199.10m - Completed

NATM Tunnel (Secondary Lining)

Upline Invert:  Scope: 199.0m - Completed

Upline Overt: 150.0m completed out of 199.0m

Downline Invert: 151.0m completed out of 200.0m

Segment Production Progress: 100% Completed (4,166 nos)

2Excavation (Station Box + Entry Corridors along with Column Drop, Sump, Haunch, Earthmat and Berm Deductions)

Cuffe Parade Station : 2,84,955 cum - Completed

Vidhan Bhawan Station : 1,57,595 cum - Completed

Churchgate Station : 1,86,257 cum. out of 1,94,942 cum. - Ongoing

Hutatma Chowk Station : 1,33,271 cum. - Completed

Mid Shaft: 13,724 cum. - Completed

3Base Slab Progress

Permanent Base Slab :

9,875 sqmtr - Completed

5,775 sqmtr - Completed

6,321 sqmtr - Completed

4,641 sqmtr - Completed

Concourse Slab :

6,859 sqmtr completed out of 9,875 sqmtr at Cuffe Parade (Work in Progress)

5,073 sqmtr completed out of 5,317 sqmtr at Vidhan Bhavan (100% completed, only temporary openings left)  (Work in Progress) 

3,517 sqmtr completed out of 5,915 sqmtr at Churchgate (Work in Progress)

2,509 sqmtr completed out of 4,251 sqmtr at Hutatma Chowk (Work in Progress)

Mezzanine/ Other Slab :

6,045 sqmtr completed out of 10,581 sqmtr at Cuffe Parade (Car Park Slab above concourse) (Work in Progress)

5,049 sqmtr completed out of 5,317 sqmtr at Vidhan Bhavan (100% Completed, Only Temporary Openings Left)

3,038 sqmtr completed out of 4,251 sqmtr at Hutatma Chowk (Work in Progress)

Roof Slab :

2,942 sqmtr completed out of 9234 sqmtr at Cuffe Parade (Work in Progress)

3,482 sqmtr completed out of 3829 sqmtr at Vidhan Bhavan (Work in Progress)

2,155 sqmtr completed out of 5915 sqmtr at Churchgate (Work in Progress)

1,792 sqmtr completed out of 4251 sqmtr at Hutatma Chowk (Work in Progress)

Platform Slab :

846 sqmtr completed out of 2710 sqmtr at Cuffe Parade (Work in Progress)

265 sqmtr completed out of 2,634 sqmtr at Vidhan Bhavan

4Secant PilingProgress

Cuffe Parade Station -  Scope –1,371(Only Station Box) Completed

Entry Exit: 7 out of 384 completed

Vidhan Bhawan Station - Total completed - 1,650, Scope – 1,921(Station Box piling completed)

Ancillary Building – Total Completed – 77 - Completed

Churchgate Station - Total completed - 1,406 - Completed

Ancillary Building – Total Completed –185 - Completed

Hutatma Chowk Station - Total completed - 1,645 - Completed

Mid Shaft -

Total completed – 172 - Completed

Total completed – 50 - Completed

5Rehabilitation & Resettlement

Vidhan Bhavan Station: Alternate eatery (Kutumbsakhi) has been occupied at new location.

Hutatma Chowk: Container placed at alternate location for Police Chowky. Electricity & water connection and signing of MoU awaited for shifting.

6Building condition Survey100% completed
7Tree Cutting/transplantation

Cuffe Parade Station - 

Scope (To be transplanted/To be cut) - 110/165

Completed (Transplanted/Cut) - 102/156

Vidhan Bhavan Station - 

Scope (To be transplanted/To be cut) - 89/102

Completed (Tsransplanted/Cut) - 60/79

Church Gate Station - 

Scope (To be transplanted/To be cut) - 51/52

Completed (Transplanted/Cut) - 30/35

Hutatma Chowk Station - 

Scope (To be transplanted/To be cut) - 45/76

Completed (Transplanted/Cut) - 43/44 

(All cutting/ transplantation completed as 34 are being saved)

8Traffic Diversion

Phase-1 Traffic Diversions implemented at all station locations

Cuffe Parade- Deck at service lane open to traffic

Vidhan Bhavan- Both decks at Free Press Journal Road open to traffic

Churchgate- Straight Deck and cross deck open to traffic.

Hutatma Chowk- Straight Deck open to traffic

Mid Shaft- Approval Awaited

9Geo-technical investigation

Completed for all stations and alignment


Handed over areas barricaded.

Memcache statistics

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get6.7913 (81.3%)3 (18.8%)
set42.622 (100.0%)0 (0.0%)
getMulti0.182 (100.0%)0 (0.0%)