FAQ on Aarey

  • Q-1:
    What is MMRC and its role?
    Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation, (a JV SPV of Government of India and Government of Maharashtra) which is implementing Mumbai’s first fully underground Metro corridor running from Colaba-Bandra-SEEPZ.
  • Q-2:
    What are the benefits Metro-3?
    The corridor will connect important residential, business, educational, health and recreational centers along with major transport hubs including domestic and international airports. The corridor will ultimately cater to 17 Lakh commuters daily, once fully commissioned. The corridor will not only reduce CO2 emission to the tune of 10,000 Metric ton per year but will also help Mumbaikars cope with the deteriorating travel conditions on public transport and traffic congestion on roads.
  • Q-3:
    What is the legal framework for the Metro-3 project?
    Mumbai Metro Line-3 has been notified under Metro Railways Act vide Govt. of India Gazette notification issued on September 18, 2013. MMRC being Metro Railway Authority (MRA) under the Metro Railways (construction of works) Act 2009 (Amendment) is empowered to construct Metro rail and carry out other work connected therewith in, upon, across, under or over any lands, change the course of river, streams etc. as the Metro Rail Authority thinks proper (Sec. 18 & 19 of Metro Act)
  • Q-4:
    What is the importance of the Car Depot?
    Car Depot is mandatory & essential facility for smooth operation of any Metro system where all Metro trains will rest during non-working hours. It is in the Car Depot that the trains can be washed, cleaned, repaired and maintained. It is the starting point for train operation every day. A Car Depot serves Metro trains akin to a “home” for any human being.
  • Q-5:
    How big is the proposed Car Depot in Aarey?
    On August 22, 2014, the State Government handed over 30 ha. of land out of the total area of 1,287 ha. Land in Aarey colony for Metro-3 Car Depot. Only 25 ha. area is being used for the Car Depot which constitutes less than 2% of the total area of Aarey Colony and a conscious attempt has been made to retain the green cover in 5 Ha area within the car depot. The said land is surrounded by Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR), Goregoan-Powai Link Road (GPLR), and Marol-Maroshi road. These roads carry approximately one lakh of vehicles daily.
  • Q-6:
    What facilities will be available the Car Depot in Aarey?
    • 35 stabling lines for parking of trains during non-working hours
    • Operation Control Centre (OCC)
    • Administrative Building
    • Inspection and maintenance workshops
  • Q-7:
    What are the additional benefits of Car Depot?
    The station near the Car Depot has been included in the Metro plan, which will also connect to 14.5-km long Swami Samarth Nagar-Jogeshwari-Kanjurmarg-Vikhroli Metro-6 corridor. Besides, JVLR and Powai will also get connected to South Bombay. Residents and Establishments with in Aarey will also benefited by the connectivity.
  • Q-8:
    Why Car Depot at Aarey is the most preferred option?
    The detailed study of various options for car depot location was conducted by MMRC and after ascertaining the pros and cons of each option the site at Aarey colony was finalized however taking note of the objection raised by NGOs and Citizens, the State Government (in 2015) had constituted a committee of six experts to revisit the alternatives for Car Depot and if a suitable alternative is not found, to suggest mitigating measures to minimize environmental damages to the Aarey Colony. The first option of Kanjurmarg, Eastern Expressway, suggested by the committee could not be adopted due to nonavailability of land on account of court stay, technical and operational difficulties as well as financial implications. It is, therefore, the second option of modified car depot at Aarey has been adopted and almost 5 Ha. of area, with dense tree cover, has been saved by altering the plan. The state government has given the nod to adopt the modified option on December 30, 2016.
  • Q-9:
    Is there any stay order passed by National Green Tribunal, Pune, (NGT) on Car Depot construction in Aarey?
    An NGO has filed a Application in National Green Tribunal (NGT) Western Region, Pune, to declare entire Aarey colony as forest area. The MMRC, thereupon, intervened and presented its case. Till date, the NGT has not passed any restraining order against MMRC. The Advocate General has also confirmed this fact.
  • Q-10:
    Has the Car Depot area been notified under Eco-sensitive zone?
    The Government of India has notified the Eco-sensitive Zone (ESZ) around SGNP andthe final notification does not cover the Metro Car Depot area. The Metro project, including the Car Depot, has been exempted from requirement of environmental clearances under MoEF notification issued in 2006.
  • Q-11:
    What is the legal framework to support depot construction activities?
    Under section 18 and 19 of Metro Railways (construction of works) Act, 1978, Metro Rail Administration is empowered to construct Metro railway and other works connected therewith in, upon, across, under or over any lands, change course of river, streams etc. as Metro Rail Authority thinks proper. Under section 40 of the said act it is also specified that in case of inconsistency with the provisions of any other act, Metro Act will prevail.
  • Q-12:
    What are the activities being carried out by MMRC presently?

    MMRC has undertaken the development of Car Depot under the above mentioned provisions of Metro Act, and presently, activities such as shifting of water pipelines, storm water drain, which fall under civic amenities permitted in NDZ, have been taken up.

    The State government, under section 37(1) of MRTP has also initiated the process for change of land user in Aarey colony – for which suggestion/objections were called for and public hearings have been completed. The final notification is expected soon.

  • Q-13:
    Has any real estate development been proposed at Car Depot?
    No real estate development has been proposed at Car Depot.