Package - 2

Sr. No Nature of Work Status
1 Barricading

Barricading for CST Station Box, Wadala Casting Yard and WTC completed.

Barricading in Grant Road completed for Garden Side.

Structural Steel barricading for Median done at Grant Road.

Barricading in Girgaon completed for 502.5 RM out of 619 RM (Approx.)

2 Rehabilitation & Resettlement 

2nd round of Consultation meeting & negotiation with project affected residents / owners / tenants in progress for Kalbadevi and Girgaon station.

Compensation meeting in progress with project affected residents in Kalbadevi and Girgaon.

3 Traffic Diversion 

Permission for Traffic Diversion at Girgaon station received and road diversion started from 18th May 2017.

Trail run for traffic diversion at Grant road done on 20th July’2017 and road diversion started from 27th July’2017.

Road diversion in Grant Road Phase-1 to start from 23rd Oct’2017

4 Geo-technical investigation

Geo-technical investigation for Stations as well as Tunnel completed. 

5 Tree Cutting/transplantation

CST - Total Progress - 41 , Scope - 80

CST - Transplantation - Total Progress - 44 , Scope - 90

Grant Road  - Total Progress - 26 , Scope - 26

Grant Road Transplantation - Total Progress - 21 , Scope - 21

Girgaon - Total Progress - 10 , Scope - 11

Girgaon Transplantation - Total Progress - 9 , Scope - 9

New Plantation at Aarey Colony  - Total Progress - 205 , Scope - 354

6 Building condition Survey

Pre - Condition Survey

Weekly Progress - 10

Total Progress - 632

Scope - 1085

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Friday, October 20, 2017 - 15:00
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